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World of Scam! Scam! Scam!

(c) Forest Ang

Hot on the news on 4th Nov 2003. A Singaporean was cheated. Read the article. Use full screen to read the details.

These scams are irritating. They are never ending. They are only for the greedy. They are by smart people trying to make something from your greed. Don't be misled. Don't be greedy.

The most common scams are the "African" type. A so-called big person trying to run out of the country and they need your help. Of course they will ask you to be secretive, not to let anyone know about the deal.

Another scam had me worried. I phoned to my credit card company to stop the payment but was told there was no such transaction.

Yet, another will try to lure you to give you FREE cash....and of course you have to provide information. And if you do not accept the offer, you just cannot proceed!
I was septical and I tried this scam and sure enough at the end of the "survey", where some of my information were taken, these messages appeared:

We could not process your order because of missing or invalid questions. Please review the request form and correct this information:

1. Please fill in your state.
2. There was a problem validating your phone number. Please double check your entry and resubmit.
3. Error in your zip or phone number.
4. Please select at least one offer.

Beware of Cheat Hogs

I had ticked every question but was given this message just because I ticked "NO" to all the offers! Because I didn't take up any offer, I was not able to complete the request and was not given the cash. If I had accepted one of the offer I might be given the cash - but then this is not FREE anymore, isn't it?

So, you see my friends, whatever they may be - Free Money is something you should not be tempted!

Read the collection of SCAM letters I compiled and get to know the many faces of it!

Take Care.
Forest Ang



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