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Only after the last tree has been cut down;
Only after the last fish has been caught;
Only after the last river has been poisoned;
Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.
- Cree Indian Prophecy

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The Sting That Cures

© by Forest Ang

......The Sting That Cures.....

We were trekking near an overgrown pandanus plants when one of the lead trekker disturbed the overhanging leaves. “Adoi, adoi, bees!” my friends darted and shouted to warn the others. It was too late. I was stung too – on the hands and shoulder. Sharp, prickling and painful, it wasn’t really that serious. The pain subsided for awhile. We proceeded.
Some 2 minutes later, I felt giddy. My heart was pounding hard and fast. Throat became dry. Sting area looked swollen and real red. I couldn’t stand straight. The world spun. (Now I know how a drunkard felt!) I laid shivering with sweat. I looked pale. My friends panicked. Curled up, I felt sudden urge to purge. Still very giddy, I excused to ease myself. My friends were helpless, waiting for the worst. Still conscious but unable to stand straight, my pounding heart slowly returned to normal. My red swollen area stung by the wasps had diffused. It was 45 minutes later that I could stood up and resumed the trekking.
I was the only one that suffered the scaring incident. Almost everyone was bitten by the wasps. Curiously we questioned ourselves. Could it be the haunted house that we passed by that caused the problem?

Second Experience

A couple of years late, I was trail blazing with my buddy Jungle Leong at Penang Hill. I was having joint pain on my hip. I popped some paracetamol to ease the pain. It worked for 2 hours and the pain reappeared. I blazed some dried leaves, and immediately some wasps were seen attacking us. I was stung. I encountered the same horrifying experience. My joint pain subsided. I was able to walk without pain. Without the need for paracetamol. I related the incident to a scientist and was told that bee stings can help relief arthritis.


A year later, I had the joint pain again. Again I was stung by the wasps and was relief of the pain. It was several incidents of joint pain and wasp stings that I was eventually cure from the arthritis. I am now sharing with you the experiences and remedy of the wasp called eustenogaster calyptodoma.

The Yellow Jacket

The yellow jacket wasp is commonly found in the forest. A bait of chicken skin left near a stream will attract the wasps. The wasps built papery nest under dried leaves. Hence, it is sometimes called paper wasp. They are solitude insect but leave together in a small colony of about 10 to 20 wasps per nest. The sting is needle-prickling pain. Nothing serious about it. However, if you are allergic then the sting could be fatal. Weak heart and low stamina people should avoid the sting.

How It Works

The sting probably contains active chemical that contract muscles. It contracts my throat. It contracts my bowel. It contracts my ligaments around the joints. It strengthens the muscles. Weak muscles become tough. And so the painful joint had the surrounding muscle strengthened and thus relieved of the pain. It works whether you are stung by one wasp or 15 wasps. The same sign and symptoms were observed during my trail blazing stints. I remembered how I was stung by at least 15 wasps. I was so terribly worried. I thought that could be the end of me.

Other Wasps

Strangely, only this yellow jacket is effective in curing arthritis. I have been bitten by other wasp but did not have any problem mentioned above.


Poor heart and poor stamina people should avoid the yellow jackets’ sting. However, only 1 in every 1000 that is allergic to the wasps. In my years of hiking with fellow hikers, I am the only one who was allergic to the sting. If you have arthritis and would like to cure yourself of the pain then make sure you have strong heart.

Take care!


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All photographs by Forest Ang unless mentioned.
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