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Welcome to Wong Sai Thong Waterfall, Thailand; and get to know about this scenic waterfall!

Wong Sai Thong Waterfall
Langu District, Southern Thailand

Wong Sai Thong Waterfall is a spectacular flowstone waterfall found in the district of Langu, Southern Thailand.

Wong Sai Thong Waterfall emerges from a cave forming flowstones creating fabulous pools suitable for bathing. Here trees are abounding around the pools, many coated with the years of calcium accumulation.

Beside Wong Sai Thong Waterfall, there are many caves, cave temple (Golden Bell Cave) and the peaceful indigenous people of Southern Thailand. Other adventure includes kayaking through a cave known as Jet Khot Cave.

Wong Sai Thong Waterfalls
Wong Sai Thong Waterfall - one of the "must-visit" of Southern Thailand

Great for relaxing
Great for relaxing at Wong Sai Thong Waterfalls

Abound with trees
Wong Sai Thong Waterfalls is abound with trees

The main pool of Wong Sai Thong Waterfalls
The main pool of Wong Sai Thong waterfalls

Another of the great fall
Another view of Wong Sai Thong Waterfalls

How To Go To Wong Sai Thong Waterfalls

You can fly to Hadyai from Bangkok. From Hadyai take a bus to Pak Bara, the pier to Taratao National Park. Then from Pak Bara, you can charter a taxi to Wong Sai Thong Waterfall.

Updated on 16th Sept 2010

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