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Ko Adang, Tarutao National Park
Satun, Thailand

Tarutao National Park is a group of 51 islands in the Andaman Sea, near to the Malaysian border. The two main island groups are Tarutao and the Adang-Rawi islands. Adang-Rawi islands are 40 km to the west Tarutao Island. The park HQ at Ao Phante is located in Tarutao Island.

Ko Tarutao is covered by hardy green rainforest and mangroves with many sandy beaches surrounding the island. Like Langkawi Islands of Malaysia, Ko Tarutao has ancient rocks in strange forms. It should be Thailand Geopark.

Places to Visit at Tarutoa Island
1. Crocodile Cave.
2. Toe-Boo Cliff
3. Four species of Sea Turtle – Pacific Ridley, Hawksbill, Green and Leatherback.
4. Ao Son – a long sandy beach some 8km from Ao Phante.
5. Talo Wao – prisoner camp and site of “Survival” fame.
6. Talo Udang – political camp

Between Tarutao and Adang are two islands – Ko Klang and Ko Khai. The later is famed for its natural rock arch and white sandy beach.

Ko Adang at tarutao national park HQ
Sunrise at Ko Adang, Tarutao National Park

tarutao national park a walk under the shady trees
Beach at Ko Adang, Tarutao National Park

Ko Adang view, tarutao national park
View from Ko Adang, Tarutao National Park

How To Go To Ko Adang

To go to Ko Adang, you can follow the same procedure to Tarutao Island. There is a ferry service from Langkawi to Ko Tarutao. Go to Kuah Pier at Langkawi and book your ticket from the counter. From Tarutao Island you can hop on to another ferry to Ko Adang or Ko Lipe. You need to pay about 350 bath per way.
If you are going by land, you can head to Hadyai. From Hadyai, you get a taxi that ply regularly to the Pak Bara jetty. You can get your ticket from the numerous ferry and speedboat services available that go directly to Ko Adang or Ko Lipe. Speedboat for return journey is 1200 Baht. It takes about 1hr 50 min from Pak Bara to Ko Adang.
Best months to visit : From November to April.

Updated on 4th Jan 2008

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