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Only after the last tree has been cut down;
Only after the last fish has been caught;
Only after the last river has been poisoned;
Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.
- Cree Indian Prophecy

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See To Believe

by Forest Ang

......It started after midnight. In a wave-like sequence, it soon illuminated the whole area into a merryland.....

The wave-like sequences of the illuminating I-don't-know-what resembled the coming of the aliens in the movie E.T. - minus the music.

It was just past midnight on a quiet morning. We were told to stay awake to observe a strange phenomenon. We were told it was the congruences of morning mists. Another said it was the spiritual doing. Yet another said it was the fries of the fish. No one know for sure. Not even the scientists who had came to this island off Pulau Langkawi to do conservation setup.

It lasted from 0005 hr till 0115 hrs. Slightly more than an hour.

We took snapshots and video but the illuminations were too low to be captured. They can only be seen with the naked eyes.

We took up position at the end of the jetty. On the jetty, we were about 150 meters from the island. We were at the middle of a bay. The bay shaped like a reversed "C". Our jetty jutted out from the lower of the reversed "C". We could see the opposite coastline some 300 meters away from our position.

That night, the sky was filled with stars. The moon was crescent in shape. The tide was coming in. Then, someone whispered, "Its here! Its here!".

It started from the opposite coastline - from the far end. During the day, it was dry with broken corals and rocks. There was no particular landmark of the source. The illuminating light came in moving waves - just like the ripples created from a stone thrown into a pond.

They spread out. The wave-like formation changed shapes several time. They took the shape of the blades of a spinning fan. Illuminating outwardly from the middle of the moving fan. The speed of the illuminating lights increased as the formations and shapes of the lights increased. More fan-like illuminations were seen. They came right under our jetty and beyond toward the coast where our jetty begins.

We shone our powerful torchlight on the water near our jetty (not under!). Nothing. Nothing extraordinary was seen. Of course there were small fishes floating to the waves of the sea - like what you will see when you were at a pier.

When our torchlights were shut off, the illumination continued....

There was an old jetty some 20 meters away from us. There were no illumination under the old jetty. They appeared only in area where the water surface exposed to the sky. We looked up into the sky expecting to see an alien aircraft. But nothing. Nothing extraordinary.

At the peak of the phenomenon, there were at least 20 fan-like illuminations moving at high speed. Perhaps, at 50 kph. It covered an area of about four football fields. We could only look with disbelieve. Afraid in a way but curious. Unknown to us but strange. Just couldn't believe what we saw. We heard only the beating of the waves on the stilts of the jetty and the occasional whispering from our friends.

Then, someone from the group threw a stone into the formation. "Splash!" but nothing happened. Nothing extraordinary seen. Nothing abnormal. The illuminations continued.

Just as the illuminating formations came without annoucing, the ending was its reverse. It contracted and shrinked into the same spot where it started. From the many fan-like formations into a single fan and into the wave-like formation - slowing down and dieing off.....

Some facts:

  1. It happened during high tide.
  2. There were no minute plankton as observed from the behaviour of the little fish near the jetty.
  3. It was a clear morning with a some moonlight. No mist was seen.
  4. The illuminations appeared on the water surface.

Some unanswered questions:

  1. If they were planktons - Why were there different patterns and formations? Are they able to synchronize the act? Can they move so fast? And able to slow down?
  2. If they were planktons - how come they didn't appear under the jetty shaded from the sky?
  3. If they were planktons - why didn't the fish react to them?
  4. If they were planktons - why did they happened only at the same place on subsequent nights? Why didn't it happened on the other end of the bay?
  5. If they were planktons - have you seen them behaving like this?
  6. If they were planktons - why did they have timing?
  7. If they were planktons - Why there was no reaction when a stone was thrown on them?
  8. If it was from the alien - why there wasn't any beam, ray nor object from the sky?
  9. If they were fish - why there wasn't any when we shone on it?
  10. So, are they spirits? Are they aliens? Or are they planktons? Psst... I still think they were planktons....although there are so many unanswered questions!

    Please let me know if you have similar experiences and would like to answer my curiosity. Thank you.

    Take care!


Copyright Since 2003   All rights reserved.
All photographs by Forest Ang unless mentioned.
No images or text may be used without written permission by author.

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