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Only after the last tree has been cut down;
Only after the last fish has been caught;
Only after the last river has been poisoned;
Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.
- Cree Indian Prophecy

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How the world moves today

(c) Hooi Peng Kwan

.....A personal observation by Hooi Peng Kwan.....

hooi at Mt Bubu summit
Photo taken at Mt Bubu's Summit

During the 14 years of my hiking experience, I have met many types of people with different background and attitude. There are those who always like to arrive at the destination first, sitting on a rock and waiting, some with cigarettes, some without. There are those who (especially female hikers) like to take advantage of the guys to carry their heavy stuff for them. Thinking that they're beautiful and so the guys should carry their bags for them. I think this kind of "Chin Kam Siew Chair" should stay at home and enjoy their air-cond environment in their room. There are also those who like to show that they're heroes jumping from rock to rock while crossing rivers especially in front of the girls. As if they're telling those girls....." look ! this is the kind of husband you should look for, so brave ! "

My first time as an organiser was in 1997 when I took some hikers to Gunung Bubu. I admit I did not have the experience and a first timer. When Jungle and forest took me there in 1995, we found rubbish strewing around the base campsite and the summit but at that time there were only 7 MNS members of us, all we could do was to watch and telling other groups not to do the same thing. " Please bring your sampah out when you get down" urged Forest. So, this time I thought I should do something about it. Since I was the organiser, I invited participants to come to my house for a meeting. During the meeting, I raised the collection of rubbish issue and one senior couple ( Mr.Cheah & Helen ) immediately objected to my suggestions and made threatening remarks...... " We're not going to collect rubbish when we go there." said the wife. So, I had no choice but to give up the idea of rubbish collection.

The husband asked me if I could drive a van and when I answered that I don't own any cars and don't drive, the whole world became upside down. Their attitude suddenly changed and often raised their voice whenever talking to me. The wife without asking permission, just took up my phone and started dialing and dialing. I have not seen such a rude behaviour by an adult before as if it is their home.

On the day of the trip while waiting at the Complex Sukan dan Belia, the husband started to scold me for the other 3 youngsters for not coming on time. From then on, the two couple started to bombard me with all kinds of criticism and insults " what kind of a leader are you ?" all the way from Penang Island ( even before crossing the bridge ) to the summit of Gunung Bubu. Only until I was able to lead them up to the summit, they never stopped insulting and scolding and scolding as if I had owned them something in my previous life. Of course on the way in the jungle, I did make some mistakes like not able to remember the trail and spent some time looking for it. But somehow, I did manage to lead them to the base camp and up the summit.

The reason for this kind treatment was because they learnt that I did not own any cars and don't know how to drive at all so feeling disappointed and started looking down on me. Also they were not satisfied with the way Forest organised the previous Tahan trip a year earlier so used me as a scrape goat in this trip as a way of revenge. That was how I could see the different human behaviour in this hiking world. If you're rich and with some positions and able to get mini bus or'll be treated well like a King but if you're a car to take people going on trips.......then this is the kind of treatment you'll get. That's how the world is moving today.

P/s: picture shows husband in red hat and wife in yellow T shirt


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