Gallstones Removal Treatment

My Experience on this Natural Treatment

This report will be as comprehensive as possible. Please do give feedback if I have left out any detail.

10 large apples = 10 X 80 sen = RM8.00
14 normal apples = RM4.99
3 lemons = 3 X 70 sen = RM2.10
Epsom Salt (375g) = RM5.70
Agnesi Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) = RM18.79

Apples at 80 sen each.

Apple juice

Where to buy:
Agnesi Extra Virgin Olive Oil and small green apples from Tesco, Jelutong Expressway, Penang.
Lemons and large green apples from wet market, Bagan Ajam, Butterworth.
I went to Watson at Tesco, Jelutong Expressway but the salesman just shook his head. So I went to Guardian beside Tesco. Ask for Epsom Salt and the senior salesgirl will help you to the rack. I noticed that another 2 salesgirls beside did not know what it was. So I presumed not all sales personnels know this Epsom Salt.
And yes, you don't have to pay for parking if you exit within 7 minutes. I got mine Epsom Salt in less than 5 minutes.

Day 1 - Saturday (15 Sept 2007)
Took 4 apples today. The first apple which I kept the skin and used a blender to blend into juice. It was an unpleasant taste. I had soaked the apples overnight in salt solution. The skin became “sticky”. Waxed skin? I dare not take with the skin as my first glass of apple juice with skin was distasteful and full of fiber. The apples were staggered over the day.

Day 2 - Sunday (16 Sept 2007)
Took 3 big apples and 1 normal sized apple.

Day 3 - Monday (17 Sept 2007)
Took 2 big apples and 3 normal.

Day 4 - Tuesday (18 Sept 2007)
Took 7 normal sized apples

Day 5 - Wednesday (19 Sept 2007)
Took 2 big apples and 3 normal sized apples

Day 6 - Thursday (20 Sept 2007)
Took 1 big apple and 2 normal sized apples.

Took ONE teaspoon Epsom Salt mixed with warm water at 6pm and another teaspoon at 8pm.
1800 Mixed one teaspoon of Epsom Salt with lukewarm water. Drunk it. Tasted slight bitter with “chemical” smell.
1830 Felt nausea after drinking Epsom solution. Hunger too.
1935 Felt angina pain around my chest. It only lasted for a minute or two.
2000 Second course – mixed one teaspoon of Epsom Salt with lukewarm water. Drunk it and down it with a glass of warm water.
2030 Don’t feel hunger now. Probably drunk 2 glasses of water during my second course.
2200 Mixed thoroughly 125ml lemon juice and 125ml olive oil. I poured 125ml olive oil into the cup. Then I squeezed 125ml of lemon juice. I only used 2 lemons. I stirred thoroughly and drank it. Tastes sour and not bad. I don’t feel hungry.

Poured 125ml of Olive Oil in a cup. Squeezed 2 lemons and filled up to 250ml.

Mixed thoroughly and drink it.
2230 Sleepy. Went to bed but tummy uneasy. Sat up gave up a few burps. Apparent the lemon juice and the olive oil have created fermentation or maybe of my previous gastric history. Anybody can verify this?
2300 My body was very warm. That was not my normal self. Oh, it wasn’t fever. Actually, my normal self - cool limbs when I go to bed.

Day 7 - Friday (21 Sept 2007)
0540 Still in bed. My stomach was “drumming”. Movement of water can be heard. Night sweating. My body now cool.
0800 Woke up drank a glass of water.
0805 Went to the toilet. Normal stool – the hard one. I suspect this could be the wastes from the food before 2pm the day before. I am embracing for a more liquid (loose bowel) or maybe diarrhea.
0800 Took my breakfast. Coffee and some biscuits. Dare not go out for breakfast incase I ran into Miss Diarrhea.
1200 My second visit to toilet. There was no urge but I just want to do it to see the result. There wasn’t any green stones at all! The only observation I saw was my bowel was greenish in color. Could the gallstones dissolved?
1830 I took my bath and just squat to see if there was anything. Bowel normal.


I was supposed to be running for toilets but was not the case. Is the treatment a fraud? No. I believe not. But not sure why there weren’t any gallstones. I suspect that my gallstones could have dissolved and being flush out as greenish material…no they don’t float. Or I don't have gallstones! Something about this treatment – I felt more energized for the whole day after the treatment.


Yes, you should try the treatment. I will be trying again next year.

Other Uses of Epsom Salts
1. A small dose helps to keep the bowels regular. A person with colostomy took Epsom Salt on surgeon's advice taking asmall dose every morning. It don't have a pleasant taste so it can be placed into empty capsules.

2. Its also great on your gardenias. Just mix in a watering can, with water of course and away you go. Helps especially when the leaves are starting to yellow. You can also use epsom salts in the yard. It is a good source for magnesium for the plants. Any kind loves it. Just a handfull sprinkeled around the plant. Once or twice a year. Epsom salts are good fertilizer, read the back of the package...can be used on lawns, trees, shrubs, houseplants etc. I just recently sprinkled it on my entire yard & have rec'd many compliments.

3. Epsom Salts are excellent for acid loving plants as a tonic if ever they have yellow leaves.

4. Using Epsom salts in starch lace tablecloths so you never have to iron them.

5. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant which is why they use it in anesthesia. Good for tight muscles.

6. For body odor rinse your body with epsom salts, lemon juice and warm water.

7. For itching caused by sand flies (nosee-ums) then soaked each night in Epson Salt solution.

8. Soak at least 20 minutes in a bath with 2 cups epsom salts, 1 cup baking sode and 10 drops of lavender oil as relaxant, promote marvelous feeling andy you sleep really well and your skin starts feeling like silk. Keep spa crystals clear with no odors and now no more chlorine.

9. One container of Epsom salt (a quart) and mix with 4 cups of dry milk I mix in a wash basin then pour into a pretty bottle. Just sprinkle 1/2 cup into warm bath water with a few drops of lavender. This is a wonderful way to end the day! I make this up for gifts to friends with a small bottle of fragrance oil attached!

10. Improve heart and circulatory health, reducing irregular heartbeats, preventing hardening of the arteries, reducing blood clots and lowering blood pressure.

11. Improve the body's ability to use insulin, reducing the incidence or severity of diabetes.

12. Flush toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain and helping the body to eliminate harmful substances.

13. Improve nerve function by regulating electrolytes. Also, calcium is the main conductor for electrical current in the body, and magnesium is necessary to maintain proper calcium levels in the blood.

14. Relieve stress. Excess adrenaline and stress are believed to drain magnesium, a natural stress reliever, from the body. Magnesium is necessary for the body to bind adequate amounts of serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of well being and relaxation.

If you are those that are skeptical then read below: