Jewel Orchids :

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Jewel Orchids

Jewel orchids are rare delicate orchids with extraordinary beautiful foliage. They are the gems of the orchid family. While orchids are collected for their attractive flowers, jewels orchids are collected for its intriguing leaf coloration. They are not a specific genus of orchids. Theirs are a grouping based on their spectacular foliage which comes in a velvety leaves of metallic and sparkling colors of the veins. However, not many jewel orchids produces attractive flowers.

Jewel orchids are found on ground litters, usually along running streams, crevices of boulders and under the shade of the humid tropical rain forests. Enjoy my collections found entirely in Malaysia. Feast your eyes with these orchid collections during your all inclusive holidays while in this part of the world.

jewel orchid
Jewel Orchid from Belum, Perak

jewel orchid from tiger hill
Jewel Orchid from Tiger Hill, Penang

jewel orchid from Air Itam
Jewel Orchid from Air Itam, Penang

jewel orchid from Air Itam
The camouflage Jewel Orchid from Botanic Gardens, Penang

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