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Only after the last tree has been cut down;
Only after the last fish has been caught;
Only after the last river has been poisoned;
Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.
- Cree Indian Prophecy

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By Forest Ang

......The power comes when people breathe life into it......

"Crystals with Healing Energy, The Power of Gems and Crystals: How They Can Transform Your Life, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Value of Gem Stones and Crystal Power, Crystal healing: The Complete Handbook" are some of the topics that can be found in the web pages.

"It is an ancient Science, natural quartz crystals are known to have healing electromagnetic power which can enhance vital body energy for physical and mental well-being. Smokey quartz for zest of life and happiness. Amethyst for health and physical well-being. Rose quartz for love and harmonious relationships. Clear quartz for general well-being and peace of mind and etc,etc,etc" - Cosway. Are these make believe stories by people who will be reaping profits?

In this book "The Magic of Believing", Claude M. Bristol wrote, "Believe is a mystical power." It is a golden thread linking all mental powers. It unleashes forces that are unexplainable. You have heard about miracle healings and extraordinary stoires and strange happenings. Many terminal diseased person live a long life using mental healing - using the power of believe. It is all in our mind. If we believe in it, then it will happended. If you think crystals have healing power then it will be.

I would't say it is not true that clear quartz is for general well being and peace of mind or rose quartz for love and harmonious relationships. But if you believe in it then it will be true. Believe makes thing happens. The entire destiny of man was turned around by a single thought - believe. Know yourself, know your power and you don't need the crystal.

Let me share a strange believe of mine. I have a belief that all those traffic lights forecast about events ahead. If there are traffic lights along my ways to a destination and the more red lights I encountered the more "bad" my luck for that day. I have encountered all red lights on a certain journey and it was hell of a bad luck for those days. And it was heaven of a lucky day for all green on some of the days. Do you want to believe these?

Crystsals, articles, gems, talisman, objects and even traffic lights are by themselves dead objects. The power comes when people breathe life into it.

"Napoleon was given a star sapphire when he was a child with the prophecy that it will bring him luck and someday makes him an emperor of France. Could it have been anything but the supreme believe in the prophecy that carried him into the hall of fame? He became a great man because of his super normal believe." - Claude M. Bristol.

Greed has caused men to exploit the beautiful caves and ripped off many stalactites and stalagmites and crystals. Greed by the consumers created demand for the crystals. Greed because of beauty, wanting health, exceptional love and power and even the norm created the destruction of caves. If only they can stop believing and stop breathing power into the poor objects.

Crystals are creation of nature. They took million of years to form. And by a flick of a second you condemned and crippled nature. You condemned your children and great-great grandchildren of thier rights to enjoy the beauty of the caves. It was because we are selfish and greedy. Greed for beauty, health, power and norm.

What is life(for the crystal) after dead(your dead)? Left alone, your children will not endure it. They will progbably throw them right after your funeral. So what is the point of collecting or buying crystals you only enjoy during your lifetime. Many good collectable articles are being thrown into the rubbish dumps everday. Some eventually end up at the flea market at Lorong Kulit(of Penang). Ironically many crystals are being sold there too.

Do you still have the urge to collect crystals? Do you still want to believe that crystals bring luck? Do you still want to go caving to fulfill you greed? Or do you want to simply enjoy the beauty of nature? If not go to Lorong Kulit and believe whatever you want to believe - and hope you won't regret he consequences of nature. BAD things will happen to you - mark my words.

"In nature, there are neither rewards nor punishments. There are consequences." R.G. Ingersoll(1833-1899)

Take care!
Forest Ang
(Note: This article was written during the 90s)


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