Changing Weather and Global Warming

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It is impossible to say for sure what the real cause of global warming is.  I believe that there are probably many causes and the human cause is only one among many. It is actually dangerous to champion just one cause given the complexity of the problem and the uncertainties surrounding it since to champion one means the neglect of others and unless there is certainty, the possibility arises that a major truth may be suppressed.

I say suppressed because given the lack of integrity among scientists these days and their penchant to run each other down, data pertinent to global warming have already been suppressed and so have contradicting views or theories. So I hope that my own ideas about global warming will not be suppressed just because I am not a scientist - just a fan of Discovery and Nat Geo channels.

I think one of the causes of the irregular weather patterns that we see these days is either the earth is rotating at a greater angle from vertical than previously or this angle is becoming unstable much faster than previously.

If the angle is greater it means that the overhead sun has moved up (or down) beyond its northern and southern limits of the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. This means the Arctic gets more sun than usual during summer and suffers greater cold than usual during winter. That Arctic ice may be shrinking is a factor bound up with this phenomenon – that as the angle of rotation from vertical gets bigger, the earth starts to warm up.

Strangely enough this may also explain some other unrelated mysteries such as the disappearance of the dinosaurs. The speculation is that if such an angle of rotation, stable for most of the time actually goes through the full 360% or partial 180% turn every few hundred million years, then it creates havoc with the weather and increases the likelihood that dominant species which are well adapted to stable climatic conditions may find it difficult to survive extreme changes in the climate. This will occur on a massive scale – enough to exterminate many whole species.

It may also explain the strange phenomenon of alternating magnetic poles as found in ancient magnetic rock bordering the mid-Atlantic Ridge. Apparently ancient rock striations show evidence of magnetic pole reversals on a regular basis. Could these reversals also coincide with the disappearance of the dinosaurs?

This phenomenon may also explain increased volcanic and earthquake activity with both frequency and magnitude on the increase. As the earth’s rotation goes through its 180% or 360% turn, the earth’s molten core should also go through greater upheavals than usual and this impact on the earth’s crust in terms of more faster and more violent movements of the crust.

I guess the million dollar question is – do the scientists already know this? This is where conspiracy theory comes in.

Even if science already knows this, there is absolutely nothing humans can do about it. The only thing is to avoid extreme changes in human behaviour if the whole of humanity realizes that Doomsday is near.

Human pre-history is only a few hundred thousand years old. There is nothing in our history that can prepare us for something like this. How would we all behave if we knew that this Doomsday scenario is not only real but very close?

Would we all finally stop using plastic bags and change to smaller and more fuel-efficient cars?

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