The Spam Of Sg Jagong

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by Forest Ang

(Update 16 Nov 2009)

I received many pictures of Sg Jagong (since 2003)! And I still continue to recieve them till today (2009)! Apparently, the spammer is laughing to his/her heart content.

I can assure you that there is no such place in Kedah with such extra ordinary beauty......and if there is we would have explored there long time ago....!!  However, there is a Sungai Jagong minus the mountain, hills or the beautiful sceneries of the spam.

Lets use some common sense.

The real Sungai Jagong is near Sungai Petani, Kedah.
  • Look at the picture where you see some Mat Sallehs walking. A place where you find so many Mat Sallehs should be a well know place, right? And a well known place cannot have soo.. many people asking about this place.

    Look closely again and you will see a cross near the wooden walkway on the lower left of the picture......definately this isn't going to be found in Malaysia. Remember, our RM5 note with a cross? People were so sensitive to it that the cross was eventually erased from the note. Do you think a cross can stand so proudly at a public park in Kedah?

  • Such clear water can only flow from a limestone hill. There are no big limestone hill in Kedah (except Perlis) and if there is, the water would have been heavily polluted by logging and development. So there can never be a place like this in Kedah.

    I explored the remotest of Kedah(Ulu Muda) but never seen anything like these.

  • Based on the reasoning above, my dear friends, please delete the pictures and not continue to spam your friends with them.

    The person that started this spam is actually laughing at us!! These pictures actually jammed up many slow computers. 

    while downloading them. With a dialup (in 2003), it took me 1 hour!

    Please take note. Don't support spammer!

    No pictures are included here as I do not want to support the spammer.

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