Pokok Kapal Terbang

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Pokok Kapalterbang

Scientific name : Eupatorium odoratum Linn
Local name : Pokok Kapalterbang, Pokok Jepun or Pokok Jerman

Pokok Kapal Terbang means Airplane plant. There was a tale that the British planes landed on airstrips in Malaysia (formerly known as Malaya). The tyres of the planes brought along the seeds of these herbs. There were many of these plants found on airfields. And hence the local name for the plant.

Height : Up to 1.5 meter.
Distinguish Features : Whitish flowers resembling cotton. Poisonous not to be taken.
Found : The plant grows wild everywhere.
Commercial: None.

Use For : Apply externally on wound

  1. Collect enough leaves to make a poultice.
  2. Grind or pound the leaves till fine.
  3. Apply on wound to stop bleeding after abrasion or cut.
  4. During emergency, the leaves are crushed and mixed with saliva to form poultice.
  5. It dries and keeps bacteria from infecting the wound.
  6. Dried leaves will not be effective in the treatment.
  7. I have tried it and found to be effective.